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Tooth Pain – Headache & Jaw Pain

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Tooth Pain – Headache & Jaw Pain


Do you need migraine relief now? Finally, finally a Dental Solution to a Medical Problem! 75% of the US population experiences tooth pain from an imbalanced bite!

Arizona-Advanced-Dental_TMJ_Yawn_BradDid you know that your teeth come together, on average, 2000 times per day!
If you have an imbalanced bite, high and low areas in your mouth caused by wear; you are putting a strain on your teeth as well as the muscles of your face, neck and shoulders. This can result in headaches, migraines, teeth chipping or breaking, jaw, neck and face pain, ringing, stuffiness, fullness or pain in or around the ears, popping, clicking or grinding noises around jaw joints, difficulty opening mouth wide, while chewing, dizziness, etc.

  • 157 Million work days are missed from people calling in sick with headaches.
  • 35% of people with TMD Migraines (jaw joint problems) will develop chronic TMD and headaches.
  • Women are four times as likely to have TMD Migraines as men.
  • 24 billion average dollars are spent by Americans yearly for headache treatment!

Only those who have experienced headaches can fully comprehend the way these common monsters can affect a person’s life!

Finally a Dental Solution to a Medical problem

For years dentists have used the materials available to them to determine a patients bite patterns. Most of those methods were not sensitive enough to measure both bite and force. Now technology in the form of a T-Scan can allow Dr. Clifford to detect forces and force patterns with exactness, it is diagnosis at its highest level!
No more dangerous pain killers!

Dr. Clifford uses the information recorded by the T-scan to perfectly adjust your bite.

At the office of Dr. Clifford we also use ultra sound alpha stem, cool laser therapy to align with pressure point and massage therapy to treat TMD (jaw joint problem) and headaches caused by dental imbalance

Finally, we give you the tools necessary to avoid headache, tooth pain or joint problems in the future.

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