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Includes Comprehensive Examination, Necessary X-Rays, Oral Cancer Screening with Identafi, and Dental Cleaning (in the absence of periodontal disease)

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic and restorative dental technique of placing a composite material directly on teeth to correct any issues or to improve the appearance of teeth. Dr. Clifford uses composite bonding to repair:

窶「 broken teeth
窶「 chipped or cracked teeth
窶「 close gaps between teeth
窶「 cover stained teeth
窶「 straighten teeth without braces

Composite bonding is very durable and can be matched to your natural tooth color for a smile you will love to show off. Composite bonding does not require the removal of healthy structure so Dr. Clifford is able to enhance the look of the tooth without compromising its natural strength and integrity.


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