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Includes Comprehensive Examination, Necessary X-Rays, Oral Cancer Screening with Identafi, and Dental Cleaning (in the absence of periodontal disease)

Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding Gums

Dr. Donald Clifford helps stop bleeding gums in his Mesa Az Office. Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy. You can cure Gum disease or periodontal disease. If you want to avoid gum disease, or if you already have it and want to fight it please contact us for an appointment.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

How do you know if you have gum disease? Here are some of the symptoms you should look for. Often you will notice inflammation of the gums and mouth 窶 soreness, bleeding gums, and redness. Another symptom is bad breath (a.k.a. Halitosis), or a bad taste in your mouth. Other signs of gum disease include shaky or loose teeth, receding gums, and spaces between the teeth and gums.

What is the Cause Of Gum Disease?

Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding GumsWhat causes gum disease? Quite simply, gum disease is caused by bacteria growing in your mouth. These bacteria normally begin growing on particles of food left in your mouth. The infection then continues to grow, causing inflammation and breakdown of the gums and mouth. Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding Gums. Cold Lasser Theerapy will be paid nfree and a sure way to kill teh bacteria that causes bleeding gums.

You can prevent bleeding gums. Gum disease can be prevented by discouraging the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Proper dental hygiene goes a long way in preventing bacteria growth in the mouth. Also helpful is a healthy diet low in refined sugars and other foods that make perfect bacteria fodder. Rinsing daily with a mouthwash can help stop bleeding gums.

Treatment of Gum Disease

If you already have Gum Disease, there are several ways to treat it. The first and seemingly most common is a professional cleaning with Mesa AZ Dentist – Dr Donald Clifford and his team. They will clean your mouth to remove the plaque, etc that harbors the bacteria causing the disease. We can also use a cold laser ( Pain Free Treatment ) to treat gum disease.

Ask us for more information that you need to prevent and / or treat gum disease ( periodontal disease). It’s worth preventing, and prevention is simple when you follow the steps.

Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding Gums

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