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Includes Comprehensive Examination, Necessary X-Rays, Oral Cancer Screening with Identafi, and Dental Cleaning (in the absence of periodontal disease)

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  • Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding Gums

    Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy for Bleeding Gums Dr. Donald Clifford helps stop bleeding gums in his Mesa Az Office. Mesa Dentist Laser Therapy. You can cure Gum disease or periodontal disease. If you want to avoid gum disease, or if you already have it and want to fight it please contact us for an appointment. … Read More

  • Best Mesa Dentist – Dr Donald Clifford

    Best Mesa Dentist – Dr Donald Clifford Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist. Lets put it this way, No one chooses to go to the dentist over a stroll in the park. In today’s world, obsession with looking good has made looks more important than fear and pain. If you need to … Read More

  • Lumineers in Mesa AZ

    Announcing the biggest advance in cosmetic dentistry in over 4,600 years 窶 Lumineers Porcelain veneers painlessly create permanent smiles without dreaded shots, grinding or removing painful tooth structure. Now you can get a pain-free dramatic new smile without the tooth grinding of traditional veneers! Whether your teeth are stained, unevenly spaced or crooked – even … Read More

  • Mesa Dentist Cures Bad Breath

    Bad Breath can be attributed to smoking for many people. Mesa Dentist Cures Bad Breath Stopping Bad Breath Mesa – Visit Dr Donald Clifford $99 NEW PATIENT SPECIAL Do you have a bad breath? Do you smoke? If so, then it could be your smoking habit that causes your bad breath. Yes, bad breath and … Read More

  • Arizona Advanced Dental

    Welcome to Arizona Advanced Dental, the Mesa, AZ dental practice of Dr. Donald Clifford. Arizona Advanced Dental provides advanced dental artistry delivered with the latest technical dental advances, and most importantly with compassion and individualized attention. Our patients are what drive us to offer the best and latest techniques and technology available in the dental … Read More

  • Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

    Orally-related disease is the most prevalent chronic biological ailment around the world, even more common than the everyday head cold. Research studies completed in America reveal that half of adult Americans have gingivitis and about 30% have periodontitis, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Periodontal disease is an insidious infection that affects the gums … Read More

  • Fresh Breath Mesa

    Fresh Breath Mesa Dentist – Dr Donald Clifford DDS There are many people who are unhappy with their breath. Some people have breath for their entire lives, whereas others gums may have an infection. For these reasons, many people decide to look into just mints or chewing gum. These are only temporary fixes. Get fresh … Read More

  • Mesa Arizona Dentist

    Dental Assistants Provide great care at Arizona Advanced Dental –ツMesa Arizona Dentist Dental Assistants at Arizona Advanced Dental take pride in providing quality care to their patients. They assist Dentists with procedures and Dental Hygienists with assistance during preventative cleanings. Many families are not receiving dental care in Mesa Arizona. Often, dental programs are available … Read More

  • Fresh Breath Tips

    A bright smile not only looks great, it helps with fresh breath. Overall it could improve your life. According to a study by Match.com, 71 percent of women say that they judge a man based on his teeth. Translation: Having a brilliant smile will actually help you be more attractive to women. 窶廣 smile can … Read More

  • Mesa AZ Dentist

    Mesa AZ Dentist – A General Dentistry Family Practice in Mesa Arizona. We are located on Baseline Road, just east of Lyndsey. The staff at Arizona Advanced Dental is professional and supportive. We will always explain your dental health, so you know exactly what your options are. Arizona Advanced Dentistry provides a wide range of … Read More

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