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Includes Comprehensive Examination, Necessary X-Rays, Oral Cancer Screening with Identafi, and Dental Cleaning (in the absence of periodontal disease)

After Care of Crown and Bridge Treatment

Your gums and teeth may be very tender after multiple crown preparations. To speed healing, dissolve one teaspoon of salt in an 8 oz. glass of warm water, alternately swishing and spitting until the glass is empty. Repeat this process two to three times a day.

When brushing, use a soft bristled brush. Gently massage gums and teeth as instructed by our hygienist. Plaque must be removed daily to speed healing of the gum tissue.

Massage gums with your finger to stimulate the tissue. The healthier your gums, the better your temporaries will feel.

Avoid sticky foods (gum, taffy, caramels, etc.) chewing ice, nuts and hard candy.
Floss your temporary crowns gently. Just clean and pull the floss out to the side so the temporary crown will not 窶徘op窶 off.

If the temporary crown should loosen or come off, please call the office as soon as possible to have it re-cemented. It is very important that temporary crowns stay in place while waiting for the permanent crown to be placed in your mouth, as they prevent the teeth from shifting. If the teeth shift, the permanent crowns may not fit correctly.

If the nerve tissues inside your teeth were unhealthy before treatment, they may become symptomatic at this time. If the tooth does not settle down after the initial tenderness passes, please contact us.

Hot food or beverages can be harmful to anesthetized tissue. Please avoid drinking hot coffee, etc., until the numbness wears off.

If any unusual symptoms occur or if you have any questions regarding your post-treatment care, please call the office.

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